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Contract Address MAXCoin YFIMX Deployer : 0x0dbc04faf917be22c121ebcfa863f118ffcee502

Contract Address MAXCoin YFIMX: 0x5a2fc0e03cf45eb1522eaed8e4acd292ee760d5e

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Pre sell YFIMX Send 0.05 ETH

🟢Receive immediately Get Now 250,000 YFIMX Price $5,000

Pre sell YFIMX Send 0.15 ETH

🟢Receive immediately Get Now 1,000,000 YFIMX Price $$20,000

Pre sell YFIMX Send 0.2 ETH

🟢 Receive immediately Get Now 4,000,000 YFIMX Price $80,000

Pre sell YFIMX Send 0.3 ETH

🟢 Receive immediately Get Now 16,000,000 YFIMX Price $320,000

Pre sell YFIMX Send 0.5 ETH

🟢 Receive immediately Get Now 50,000,000 YFIMX Price $1,000,000

Pre sell YFIMX Send 1 ETH

🟢 Receive immediately Get Now 200,000,000 YFIMX Price $4,000,000

Meet the Speakers


Founder & CEO YFIMX Coin / Based in France. 5+ years experience in Iț program management for large mulținationals like Maersk. Blockchain and ṣțarț ....


ƀaśed in !.Ƒrańce. Wițh over 8 ẙears oƑ experienńe., in țhe Mòbile ańd ąpp ḏevelopment areas in companies îḭḱe ǥooǥíe, and Lloydś banḱ Cśṕó....


Legal Counsel/ ƀaseḋ in USA , the Whashton 6 years oḟ cross-ƀorder legal experience acquired ƀoth in the industry and in legal consultancy....


Product Advisor/ Ińśéáḋ MBA, Uber. 7 years of ḋiversifieḋ experience ẃorking in a variety of roles in global logistics, ḿedtecẖ, electric utility....

Our official website

Our official website


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official website (YFIMX)

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